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A Disappointing First Day at SPTechCon

Let me first say that the speakers were fine and the material was decent.  Myself, I didn’t like the first 2 sessions that I went to.  Being a SharePoint Developer, I wanted to hit some development courses.  There weren’t many choices, at least on this first day.

I first went to “A Primer for Developing SharePoint Applications” with Kevin Israel.  Again, the speaker was fine, and the materials were appropriate.  But it was WAY too much of a Novice level course for my tastes.  I have already been developing on the SharePoint Object Model, and I figured I’d be a little above the curve, but there was a Novice course, and this was slated as an Intermediate course.  I thought I might still get something out of the course, but we basically covered stuff I was already very familiar with, such as the SPSite, SPWeb, and SPUser objects, and disposing your objects.

The second course was “Web Services and SOA in SharePoint” with Paul Swider.  He was a bit of a better speaker, but the material was a little under par, even for the audience it targeted.  The main focus of the seminar revolved around “taking a tour” of the web services, which I can do myself.  There were very little tips and tricks, or best practices, although he did mention something about Artifact development versus Assembly development which I have to look up.

All in all, I’m just waiting for tomorrow’s break out sessions.

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