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SPTechCon Boston Day 2 – a Great Day

Today at Boston’s SPTechCon was much better for me – I went to courses much more suited to my tastes. 

First was the talk “Developing SharePoint Solutions with Silverlight” with Bob German.  This one course for me was worth the whole trip.  He talked about how to code for Silverlight using a custom Web Part, and what logic you put where.  It was an interesting and valid concept that he stated to put as much of the first-pass data retrieval as you can in your Web Part code, and pass this in to your Silverlight web part, either via the InitParams, or into a hidden field on the page (and pass the control ID of the hidden field via InitParams).  He even showed us how to code a Field Control so that in Edit Mode in the web part page, his Silverlight control was displayed and functional.

I also attended “SharePoint Workflow Alternatives for Developers” with Gary Blatt.  He was hilarious, and gave an interesting talk on how to use OOB workflows with custom lists and custom Event Handlers to simulate a workflow.  I don’t know that I’d ever need to go that route, but I was happy to be in the class and to get a little more perspective on what Event Handlers can do.

There was “A Tour of Development Governance” with Robert L Bogue.  This was wonderful – he talked about best practices and design patterns – what to use when.  He spent 9 slides – out of something like 24 – JUST on disposing your objects and more importantly why this is so important to do.

Finally, I attended Advanced InfoPath with Larry Riemann.  I think everyone was tired at that point, because the presentation went a little slow was too low-key.  There were some good tips and tricks I learned from the presentation, especially with developing InfoPath forms through Visual Studio and not Tools for Apps.  I had hoped a little more in-depth would be covered than it was, but hey what can you do in only and hour and 15.

All in all, I had a very good day today, and I’m happy about attending the conference.

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