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Workflow Webinar Announced – Presented by … ME!

Please visit my company’s site for information on the Webinar

Only $99!!!

Our Agenda:

  • Out-of-the-box Workflows:  Descriptions and settings
    • Reviewing OOB Workflows
    • Creating a Workflow based on an OOB template
    • Running the new Workflow
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows: Basic
    • Creating a new Workflow against a specific Doc Library
    • Steps, Conditions, and Actions – an Overview
    • Setting the First Step
      • Basic If/Else statement using Conditions
      • Assigning a Task (“To-Do Item”)
      • Using a Workflow Lookup to another list
    • Setting the Second Step
      • Sending an Email using the Workflow Lookup
    • Running the Workflow
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows: Advanced
    • Creating a new workflow against a specific Doc Library
    • Modifying the Initiation Form (Using Initiation Parameters)
    • “Log to History List” Action – Best Practice
    • Creating and Setting Variables
    • Collect Data From User action (Instead of To-Do Item)
    • Finishing the Workflow
    • Running the Workflow
  • Shortfalls of Designer Workflows
  • (Time Permitting) Sneak Peek at a Visual Studio Workflow
  • Q&A

You will receive a full Transcript of the event, as well as Homework exercises and a Quick Reference Guide.

Register Now!

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