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Handout from Feb 18 SUGDC Workflow Session

 Last night (Feb 18 2010) I spoke at the SharePoint User Group DC and gave a 1 hour presentation on the “Art of the Possible” with Designer Workflows.  I took one specific example, and worked it out in a SharePoint Designer Workflow and went through setting up the workflow step by step in the presentation.

Here is the PDF file that I handed out last night, which is a transcript with illustrations of everything covered.  Please feel free to download from here and please comment if you have questions or ideas or comments.

SharePoint Designer Advanced Handout

The scenario:

Your group is responsible for conducting training classes on several different systems.  Users need to be able to register for training and specify the class they want to train in.   The training administrator needs to be notified that they have to assign a class to a new registrant.  Once the administrator assigns the class, the class attendance should be adjusted. Then an email should go out to the registrant to notify them of the class Date and Time and refer them to the Meeting Workspace.  Once the class has been completed, an email goes out to the user thanking them for taking the class.  If they have not completed the class, the Registrant should be forced to start over with a new registration.