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Advanced Workflow Webinar – May 27 10am EST

Another webinar is coming up!  See my company’s web site to learn more or regster at


When a user in your organization requests a new phone, there are a few approvals that are needed:  if the request is for a regular phone, you just need the manager’s signature; if the request is for a Blackberry, then you need both your manager’s signature as well as a manager in the Blackberry group.

Once the request has been approved, a technician should be assigned to order the phone.  Once the phone comes in, the technician needs to record that the phone came in, and the Inventory needs to be adjusted based on the type of phone.

Every step in the process, the employee should be notified of the status.  When the phone has been received by the employee, they need to Accept an inventory agreement by completing a task in the workflow.

You Will Learn

  • Using Conditions to control the flow of a Workflow
  • Routing the List Item for Approval
  • Assigning Tasks to a User via the Collect Data From a User action
  • Updating data in the List Item
  • Updating data in another List
  • Email Notifications and Building Dynamic Strings
  • Using a To-Do item to force acceptance to a policy


  • How To Copy a Designer Workflow to another Site
  • How To Copy an Action to several places in the Workflow
  • How To Associate a Designer Workflow with a different Task List