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Monthly Archives: April 2011

SharePoint 2010 missing some – not all – incoming email settings

I just found out today that when you enable an Email Event Receiver / Handler on a site, then all of your document libraries on that site “lose” the bottom half of the incoming email settings page – the “E-Mail Attachments”, “E-Mail Message”, “E-Mail Meeting Invitations”, and “E-Mail Security” settings.

Please see this post for more information and screen shots of what I’m talking about:

It seems to be from reading this post that you have to implement all of the functionality yourself that the document library incoming email would normally have implemented itself.  That’s why the settings aren’t there – you control all of that through your code.


SharePoint 2010 You must specify a value for this required field

In SharePoint 2010, you will sometimes get a “You must specify a value for this required field” every single time you try to save a page, even the home page of the site.  All you’re trying to do is to add a web part, nothing fancy.

Well be careful when you apply custom branding to the site.

It turns out that you cannot comment out Placeholders using <!– –>.  Instead you must wrap it around a div with display set to none  <div style=”display:none”></div>.

SP 2010: Content and Structure & Master Pages on Subsites

In SharePoint 2010, if you find that you’re missing the Content & Structure link, to move your sites and lists around, enable the Publishing feature.

Similarly, if you find that you can’t apply Master Pages to a Subsite, or even change whether it inherits or not, turn on Publishing.