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InfoPath 2010 – Registering of form templates deployed through object model is not supported

In an earlier post,, I explained how to implement an InfoPath 2010 form as a Feature in SharePoint 2010.

As I was trying to deploy this feature, I kept getting the error:

Registering of form templates deployed through object model is not supported


It turns out that what happened is that up until that point I had been deploying my InfoPath forms through Central Administration.  It’s easiest and usually quickest to do it this way (although once you deploy the same form like 50 times it starts getting really slow to deploy).

But I had not changed the “Identifier” per se of the form.  Let me show you a couple of pictures that shows what I’m talking about:

Form Template Properties buttonForm Template Properties dialog

Where it says “urn:schemas-microsofr-com….” that is the identifier of the form.  If you publish the form, and then copy it and change the name of it, it does NOT change the identifier.  So if you’ve already got that ID in Central Admin under Manage Form Templates, and then you try to deploy the same form as a feature, you get this error message.

One of the ways you can fix this is to either manually change this URN ID, or just open up the form in InfoPath Designer in design mode and do a Save-As.  It will automatically change your ID to match the new name of the form.

In the mean time, delete the form from Central Admin and try your Solution Deployment again.

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