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What happened to my ULS Logs? Why is the Tracing service disabled?

I was happily developing and testing, and came across an error.  No big deal, I’ll just grab the Correlation ID and take a peek in the ULS logs, right?  But when I went to where they were stored – there were NO logs.

First I went to Central Admin –> Monitoring –> Configure Diagnostic logging.

  • I checked to ensure the path was correct
  • I reset all categories to default logging level
  • I even tried to change the log location, then change it back.


Then I noticed that in the “Services” mmc plugin, the service “SharePoint Tracing Service” (SPTraceV4) was not only stopped but disabled!

Well OK, so I enabled it and started it.   And got my logs just fine!!!  ………for about an hour, after which it just disabled itself again.  Sigh.

Found the answer on StackExchange (link below) – the “default state” of the service was set to Disabled, so the Health Analyzer keeps shutting it back off.  So the fix is to change its default state to back on.

$services = (Get-SPFarm).Services | Where Name -match "SPTraceV4"
$instances = @($services.Instances)

foreach($instance in $instances) {
     $id = $instance.ID | Select -ExpandProperty Guid

     Start-SPServiceInstance -Identity $id


~ Sue


Error occurred in deployment step ‘Add Solution’: Error: Cannot add the specified assembly to the global assembly cache

Hello Again!

It’s been a while!!  Things have been hectic.  I am now employed at a new job, doing more SharePoint-ie things!!  And thankfully, learning, learning, learning!!

Error Message:

Came across this error today:
“Error occurred in deployment step ‘Add Solution’: Error: Cannot add the specified assembly to the global assembly cache: MyProjectOutput.dll.”

Thanks to a few helpful blog and forum posts, the answer was this:

  1. Either retract solution from Visual Studio, and/or manually remove .dll from the GAC (C:\Windows\assembly)
  2. Close Visual Studio
  3. [Not sure if this is needed] Restart SharePoint Timer Service (SPTimerV4)

Also try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Recycle Application Pool or do an IIS Reset (could also add this as a Pre-Deployment step: Project Settings/SharePoint tab)
  • Put the dll in question into its own solution and deploy that once.  Leave your changes for your main project package.
  • Ensure that if you have multiple projects that reference that DLL (such as a Helper or Utilities class), that you are using the correct reference.  Possibly remove the project reference, and re-add.
  • Check to ensure that any FeatureActivating code is not busting something

Thanks to these references:


I hope to keep up the blogging now that things are cooling down!!
~ Sue