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Readers can’t see reports in Report Center!

I had created a Report Center site, using MOSS Enterprise Version, and I put a few files in a Trusted Library.  As myself, with full rights, I could see the files, bring them up in Excel Services and EWA Web Parts.  I could even access them through the Excel Services Web Service, /_vti_bin/ExcelService.asmx (which was really what I was trying to do).

I gave a user Read permissions to the site, and Read permissions to the folder that the reports were in, as we had broken inheritance to the folder.  They couldn’t access my web part that was using the ExcelService web service, and come to find out, they couldn’t see any files when they browsed the library.

Turned out to be something really simple, but easy to overlook.  In the settings of the Report Center library, BY DEFAULT, it is marked such that ONLY users who can edit items can see “Draft” items.  But wait, there’s no content approval turned on!  Didn’t matter – versioning was enabled (again, by default), to hold both Major and Minor versions.

In order for the readers to see your reports, you have to click on the dropdown to the right of the document and choose “Publish Major Version”.  That was it.  Thought I’d share.